2019 – What’s Next?

Hello. Welcome.

If you are at all familiar with the work I have been putting out for the last (almost) four years (WOW), then you may know that in January of each year, I break down the resolutions that I set for myself last year as well as post my new ones for the upcoming year. In a time where I should be doing my endless amount of homework, I’ve decided to write. I hope you enjoy.


I’ve already picked apart 2018 and the year it was for me. If you would like to read it, it is the second most recent post on my site and I highly encourage you to do so. With that said, I want to talk about what resolutions I set for myself at the end of 2017 as well as 2018.

2018 Resolutions:

1. Live simply // I definitely believe that I have accomplished this goal and continue to do so even today. I desired and consciously put effort into living a simple life. By doing so, I kept my emotions, actions, thoughts, purchases and events – simple.

2. Smile genuinely at people // I would say I half completed this as it was a conscious thought I had for about half of the year, but as life goes, it died down as the year continued. What I had hoped for in this was to give a genuine smile to everyone that I saw. Whether it was a passerby on the street or an old friend I hadn’t seen in awhile, I wanted to spread joy by putting genuine interest and love into seeing them.

3. Graduate // I knew in 2014 when I started high school that I would eventually graduate in the four short years to come, but since graduation was a milestone in my life, I knew last year I had to write it down just to be able to look back and say: “I DID THAT!” Graduating high school was most definitely one of the best things that I have ever done. For four years I maintained just about all A’s in all of my classes (and even managed to raise a 53 to a 90 in five months my junior year). I knew in 2017 that graduation was just another chapter in my life coming to a close and that college was just around the corner.

4. Love unconditionally // When I created this goal, I had little to no faith at all and thought loving without conditions was going to be easy. Little did I know at the time that loving without condition without God would be loving conditionally. Now a year later, I collect that loving without conditions to anything is only possible with the love of God and that through this, I have been able to love everybody that I meet despite any condition.

5. Be compassionate // Be there. Be in the moment. Be compassionate in all that you do. These were words I reminded myself of time and time again. When I was annoyed during the senior trip, tired during camp, busy in college and so much more. I definitely still need to work on being compassionate as I continue to grow in love, but this has been something I’ve been able to do and it has reminded me to be in the now.

6. Don’t fall into student debt // One thing I’ve wanted to avoid in college is student debt. Although I don’t currently owe college anything, I’m sure I’m deep in debt with my dad. Thank you, Pops, for all that you send me to make sure I have enough. I love you.

7. Make your own coffee // Christmas 2016, my ex got me my own coffee grinder, beans, a French press and a small tin mug so that I could make my own coffee. To be honest, it sat in my parents’ pantry for about 2 years before it regularly got used. Now, grinding the beans and estimating the water amount for the press has been such a blast to do with Sarah, my roommate, in our dorm. Although my coffee isn’t anywhere near perfection, I’m on the road to getting it there.

8. Do more of what you love // Hi, my name is Melanie and here are some things that I love: getting to know people, creating poetry, speaking, playing music, learning and hanging out with friends. In 2018, I sure as heck did a lot of the above.

9. Speak less, listen more // Although I sometimes feel as if I have a lot of cool stories to share, I often have to remind myself that I would rather hear someone else’s stories rather than share my own. I would also rather like to hear someone speak than speak myself. By listening more, I’ve learned more and I plan to do that more often in 2019 as well.

10. Don’t give your opinion unless you’re asked for it // If you have ever come to me to rant, vent, complain or just needed someone to listen to, you’ve probably heard me say in response, “Do you want advice or someone to simply listen?” This has definitely been a very helpful goal because what it took me forever to learn is that when people tell you things, most of time they just want someone to listen to them. By giving them the option, you build trust with that person as someone they can depend on when they may need to talk again in the future without making them feel less or belittled for their thoughts and opinions. Mom, I’m sorry I never listened to you when you told me this in high school, but last year I really took it to heart and I’ve learned a lot from it and you.

11. Get a tattoo // It feels as though my blog is a simple foundation for anyone to understand me. At the end of 2017, I made my ideas known to my instagram and explained what I wanted to do for my first idea. I wanted to get a cactus on one wrist by an artist in Phoenix to always remind me of home and where I came from. On the other wrist, I wanted to get a tattoo of a pine tree by a Portland artist to remind me of where I am going. Last year, I didn’t know that my cactus tattoo would have such a story behind it. In brief: I went to the same artist that did both of my brother’s sleeves while he lived in Phoenix. Scotty Mac, the artist, was a super chill guy and he ended up tattooing my best friend as well as I lay in the chair and asked her what she would get once I was done. For me, I wanted to have that experience with her. For her, it was a very last minute and never thought of decision that I believe tied us together in a unique way. Now that I’m in Portland, I am getting my pine tree done on Feb. 10 and will be with my best friends there as well.

12. Learn to cook // Somebody teach me how to cook. Maybe I’ll learn when I live in my apartment later this year and have a full kitchen to work with. Until then,

13. Read/learn more // As I said previously, I love to learn. I want to learn about what other people are passionate about. It seems that this year so far (and the end of last year), I’ve been learning more about film and I hope this continues so maybe one day I can know the basics of it to someday create my own work. As far as reading goes, I’m still in the middle of countless books and it seems as though I need to create a better time management schedule to complete them.

14. Eat more Mac n Cheese // Sometimes I forget that too much dairy hurts my tummy, but then I remember how big of a blessing Mac n Cheese is and that the pain is worth it.

15. Try new foods // Moving to Portland has definitely helped me to expand my palette. I could always try more though, I assume.

16. (Finally) Hear their story // This goal traces back to the ‘speak less, listen more’ goal that I made for myself. Whenever I’m in conversation with someone and notice myself getting a little annoyed, I remind myself, “You are hearing a part of their story. Be patient and listen.” And with that, I am back in reality, deeply listening to what others say. I’ve had many opportunities to listen and am thankful for everyone who has spoken.


Now, with less detail, my goals for 2019:

1. Be more aware of what you put in your body

2. Be open and honest; have integrity

3. Sit and observe more

4. Spend less time on your phone

5. Work out ?? (haha, we’ll see)

6. Drink at least 2 hydros of water a day

7. Apologize and move on

8. Be a positive addition

9. Don’t get attached to the outcomes

10. Spend more time with Mom; listen and learn

11. Get a job, lol

12. Live, love, grow and exist

13. Move into an apartment

14. Study harder

15. Try new foods

16. Intentionally listen

17. Go to either UCYC or Mexico over the summer

18. Live in such a way that if anyone were to speak negatively about you, no one would believe it

19. Be love.


In 2019, I hope to be more love in people’s lives. I hope to be the best version of me. I hope to continue growing and becoming the person that I was created to be. Hopefully I’ll be blogging more in 2019, but anyway, I’ll be back next January to see how all this turned out.



Thank you, as always, for reading my nothingness. It’s cool to know at least one person reads my thoughts.


Much love,

Melanie Rose 1/21/19 18:52


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